Triple Falls

Triple Falls

When we first arrived in Portland, we were eager to do anything and everything. One random morning, one of our besties asked if we’d be interested in going on a short hike. We of course said yes immediately. Heather and I had also bought hiking shoes the day before, so we were extremely anxious to break them in! On this day we decided to visit Triple Falls at Oneonta Creek. If you have read any of my previous posts, this location is currently closed due to the Columbia Gorge fire; however, if you are visiting any other time in the future I would suggest seeing Triple Falls!

Triple Falls trail can’t seem to make up its mind on whether it’s steep or flat. It goes back and forth between the two—making it a moderate workout. The trail is 3.2 miles round trip. Blakely had been previously and was eager to show us the beautiful falls. We originally passed the lookout at the falls (picture of Blakely and I), and decided to continue walking to the top of the three waterfalls (picture on the log.) At the top, there was a large log/tree that had fallen. Out of Heather, Blakely, and I, I’m the first one eager to do something “dangerous.” Earlier in our trail I’d stepped off onto a small ledge overlooking a huge drop off (where there was a memorial sign for someone who’d fallen.) Heather always says that I practically give her a heart attack just by talking about bungie jumping off a bridge or going skydiving. Anyways, I jump on the huge log and begin walking to the edge of the waterfall. Heather and Blakely BRAVELY—I give you credit loves—agreed to join me. It was a super simple walk across—it just looked scarier in person than it actually was. We were then able to touch the freezing water at the top of the waterfall just before it fell below us. What’s funny is that the picture shows Heather on the log, but only because we’d walked back across and then snapped her picture. J

After exploring the waters, we revisited the lookout that oversees the three falls. Blakely and I took our first “Bestie Pose” that day, and we have recreated it on every hiking trip since. Heather and I had our moment to marvel at the greenery that we are still not used to. The colors in Oregon are simply breathtaking.  Overall, it was a moderately simple—yet beautiful—hike.

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