Cape Kiwanda

A Day at Cape Kiwanda

This perfect Sunday actually happened in July. I am attempting to catch up on all of our adventures, but there are more than I realized. In July, our friend Jordan's family came to visit. She spent the week showing them around Portland. Since we were also new to the area, we all decided to go to the coast. Heather and I had previously visited Cannon Beach, but we had not yet been to Cape Kiwanda. Upon arrival, it immediately became one of our favorite spots in Oregon. 

To the right of the beach there is a large sand hill that you can climb, or run down as you will see in the video. I was beyond excited to hike barefoot! I'll take any excuse to not wear shoes. With sand between our toes, we hiked up the large hill. Once at the top, we came to a fence with a  "Do Not Cross" sign. There was also a guard warning people about getting to close to the edge. We didn't plan on getting close to the edge, and we could clearly see people on the other side. After discussing it, we politely neglected his warning and went over. Side note: Always be safe. His warning was to simply not get to close to the edge. If it had been a serious warning, we would never risk putting ourselves in danger. Be smart. 

Once on the other side, the view was amazing. At first it was very foggy, but still beautiful. Once the fog cleared, it was even more breathtaking. We even saw whales! 

After some exploring, picture taking, and simply sitting and admiring the view, we ran down the hill. We stuck our feet in the freezing water and enjoyed what daylight we had left. 

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