Hug Point


Since moving to Oregon, we have fallen in love with the coast. I have always been obsessed with the ocean, but I was familiar with a very different scene. Growing up in Mississippi, we often visited Florida. What I thought was the ocean for many years was actually the Gulf of Mexico. The beaches I visited in Florida had sugary white sands, warm water, beautiful sunsets, and blazing sun. I thought this was my favorite place until I moved to Oregon.

The Oregon coast is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. One minute you’ll be walking on sand, the next rocks. You can face the water and watch for whales, or turn around and hike through beautiful green trails. I didn’t mean to break out into poetry just then, but that’s what Oregon does to me. The coast is colder than what I’m use to, and the water is freezing, but there is absolutely nothing like it. It’s the perfect place to cuddle up with Heather. We love watching the surfers catch waves, the dogs running freely, and the little camp fires that pop up along the shoreline.


When Heather told me we were doing a photo shoot with Madeline Rose at Hug Point State Recreation Site, I was so excited. It was our first time exploring this particular site, so I was eager to see it. On our drive there, the evergreen trees were covered in snow. The drive alone was breathtaking.

When we reached Hug Point, we explored a little bit with Madeline before jumping straight into the shoot. It was stunning! The shoot itself was so much fun. Madeline felt like an immediate friend. Her personality made us feel so comfortable, and her music playlist made us feel right at home. The waves were crashing into the cove rather hard that day, so we had to run in and out for the photos, leaving us laughing hysterically numerous times. The cold weather brought Heather and I even closer which made for some gorgeous pictures!

If you are wanting to visit Oregon, I strongly suggest seeing Hug Point. Maybe you can even book a shoot with Madeline and have your own cuddly coast moments captured.

Sending love your way,

Kelsey & Heather


Outfits: My light green floral dress is from Ashley LeMieux. My hair piece is from Hair Comes the Bride. My forest green dress is from VICI. Heather’s hat is from Amazon. Her floral shirt is from Forever 21.

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