Oswald West

Photo by  Madeline Rose

Photo by Madeline Rose

Heather and I first found Oswald West State Park when we were searching for coastal hikes. A simple Google check will bring up multiple, but something about Oswald stood out to us that day. We parked at the Oswald West Trail Head and quickly saw a sign pointing towards the beach or the view. I wanted to head straight for the beach, but Heather knowing me well suggested we see the overlook first. This gave us more hiking time, so I was glad she made the suggestion. The look out was stunning! I highly suggest seeing the over look before heading to the beach, because once you reach the beach, you’ll want to stay for awhile and enjoy it. We immediately fell in love with this intimate spot. It’s a small beach and we practically had it to ourselves. The only people around were the surfers and a few families with campfires. We enjoy finding local spots and avoiding touristy locations. Oswald definitely gave us that vibe.

When we had our photo shoot with Madeline at Hug Point, Heather suggested we go to Oswald West. It was only a few miles down the road. When we arrived, we parked at a different location than we did the time we hiked, yet it was still a tiny walk to the water. The views while walking are worth it though. Veering through moss covered trails is one of our favorites. We even crossed two adorable bridges on our way.

Similar to our first visit to Oswald, we were practically the only people on the beach. We cuddled up in our flannels and Seek & Swoon blanket, grabbed our Portland Gear mugs filled with ONEHOPE sparkling wine, and enjoyed the view. We filled the beach with the sounds of our laughter and Ariana Grande. Let us know if you visit. It’s one of our favorite places!

Photography by Madeline Rose


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