I Said YES to a Dress!

I genuinely had the most amazing experience wedding dress shopping! Heather and I’s bridal party consists of our best friends and family. There is no her side or my side, just our people. Our bridal party consists of Heather’s two sisters and brother, my three best friends from Mississippi, and six of our best friends from Oregon, one who is also marrying us. Unfortunately I was unable to take the entire party with me to try on dresses, but I did take my girls from Oregon. They made it the most memorable experience ever!

I spontaneously made an appointment at BHLDN and asked the girls if they could make it. I had no idea that they’d turn it into such an amazing occasion. We went to BHLDN here in Portland, OR. I went with a few dresses in mind that I knew I wanted to try on. Taylor, the BHLDN consultant, immediately pulled those dresses. She also had me pull a few with a very different style than they one’s I’d originally liked. The girls also pulled their picks.

With a dressing room full of sequins, tulle, and lace, we began trying on dresses. The girls sat outside the dressing room sipping champagne and filling the store with laughter and love. When I stepped out in the first dress, the girls made me feel like a princess! With each dress I tried on, I thought it would be harder and harder to choose “The One.”

The girls were feeling the same way. We had no idea which one I should pick. I seriously loved them all. At one point the girls “hit pause” on me trying on dresses to present me with a gift. Completely shocked, I opened a beautiful “MRS” Kate Spade necklace. I felt truly blessed in that moment.

After trying on around five dresses, Taylor asked me to try on a dress drastically different than the style I was looking at. She said that by trying on a different style, it would either confirm the style I was going for, or open my eyes to something new. She was completely right!

I walked through the dresses, feeling the fabrics, and glancing at the names of each one. I wish I could share the name of the dress I pulled, but I’ll just say it has special meaning to Heather and I. When I stepped into it, Taylor immediately saw something I wasn’t yet able to see. She asked me to turn away from the mirror while she zipped it up and clipped it fit me perfectly. “Wow” is all I heard before turning around and seeing myself. It was the one. I started crying right away, shocked at how much I loved it. I didn’t feel like a princess, I felt like a queen.

Dana (Our Bestie, Bridesmaid, and Wedding Officiant) literally dropping her jaw at the sight of me in my dress.

Dana (Our Bestie, Bridesmaid, and Wedding Officiant) literally dropping her jaw at the sight of me in my dress.

When I walked out, the girls’ jaws dropped. The fact that they knew it was the one confirmed what I was filling. After minutes of staring at it in admiration, the girls circled around me and prayed over me. Talk about waterworks!

Not having my mom be a part of the wedding planning is hard. What’s even harder is knowing my dad won’t be able to be there for the wedding, although I know he will have the best seat in the house. Before he passed, he would always talk about Heather and I getting married. He was even more excited to be a grandpa. I know he is with me, but in moments like this one, the realization that he’s gone hits.

With all the emotions filling the room, I said YES to the dress! I Facetimed Heather’s mom so she could see the dress, and she agreed it was the one! My bridesmaids from home and Heather’s sisters also agreed! I spent at least 45 more minutes in the dress just celebrating with the girls. They tried on bridesmaid’s dresses and we drank rose. When Taylor went to ring up the dress, she called me over to the screen. There was only ONE more of my dress available anywhere and it was in my size! How perfect is that?!

The whole time we were there the girls were sending Heather messages and teasing her. Heather met up with us afterwards for dinner, and I got to read all the messages and see all the teasing photos. I know that when she goes to get her suit, they will do the same to me, and I can’t wait!

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