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Happy International Women’s Day!

Today, I am reflecting on all the incredibly strong women I have in my life. I’m surrounded by women who constantly lift Heather and I up. Not only do they support us, but they encourage us to be our very best selves. Over the past few years, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting countless women who have impacted our lives. Women who support women are everything!

It took me many years to accept myself, but now that I have, I couldn’t be more proud of the woman I’ve become, nor the woman I’m going to marry. Females are powerful, which is why Heather and I decided to decorate our home with art we feel represents that power. Over the last year, we’ve collected a few pieces that can be seen in our most recent at home photo shoot with Sienna plus Josh.


We also recently announced our partnership with The Knot as one of the Most Influential Couples of 2019, and we are proud today to help The Knot support Vow For Girls in their mission to end child marriage. Every year, 12 million girls are married before the age of 18 - even right here in the U.S. We’re lucky to be able to choose when, how, and who we marry, but not all girls have that choice. (To anyone who is engaged and also wants to help support Vow For Girls, simply create a registry with The Knot and select Vow For Girls as your charity of choice. The Knot will then donate $3 from each gift purchased off your registry to VOW.)

-Heather, I cannot wait to be your wife, and I am so unbelievable grateful that I have that freedom. I will never take that, nor you, for granted. I love you.-

Heather and I want to say thank you to all of the women in our lives: Family, Friends, & Followers - We love you all!


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