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When Heather and I first started dating, we quickly connected over our love for Harry Potter and the fact that, according to Pottermore, we are both Slytherins. On our first dating anniversary, we went to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida. For our third anniversary, this past August, we went to the Los Angeles location. While we were at Harry Potter World in LA, we started discussing having a Halloween party this year. Heather decided to be Draco Malfoy, and I decided to be Astoria Greengrass, his future wife. Little did I know, in February Heather had purchased our favorite book Harry Potter book, The Goblet of Fire, and had it designed to spell out “Marry Me” in the pages. She’d been holding onto the book and ring not yet knowing when or how she wanted to propose. With the book, our costumes, and an upcoming Halloween party with all of our friends, Heather decided it was the perfect time. Within the week of us announcing the party date, Heather booked plane tickets for all of my best friends from Mississippi to make sure they would be here for the proposal.

Heather, being the amazing social media guru that she is, partnered with Sizzle Pie, Portland Cider Co., Portland Gear, and One Hope Wines to make our party epic. I already knew about all of these collaborations, however, I didn’t realize these companies knew they were part of a proposal and not just a grand Halloween party. With that being said, when Heather sent me to go pick up the pizza, I didn’t think anything of it. Since we were being given a ton of pizza, she asked our friends Jenna and Kerwynn to go with me. Instead of Sizzle Pie, Jenna stopped in the middle of a neighborhood and claimed it was the pizza place. I was beyond confused. In front of the house, was a Little Free Library. Heather and I love driving around Portland searching for Little Free Libraries. It’s one of our regular weekend dates. As I stepped out of the truck, still confused, Jenna told me that there was something in the Little Free Library for me. Through the glass door I could see a Harry Potter book. I immediately realized something big was happening.

As I pulled the First Harry Potter book out of the library, I noticed a note sticking out. Distracted by the shock of what was happening, I didn’t even notice my best friend from college, Jordan, walking towards me. It was raining and she was covering her face with an umbrella. I struggle to express the emotions I felt when I heard her voice. Seeing Jordan told me exactly what was about to happen, I was getting engaged! Thoughts began pouring in my mind. I couldn’t believe that Heather was proposing, and I couldn’t fathom that Jordan was going to be present for it. Heather and I moved to Portland, Oregon over a year ago, and this was the first time Jordan was seeing my knew home. How incredibly thoughtful of Heather. I had never felt so loved!

As we got back into the truck, I still though we were going to pick up pizza. My only thoughts were that now Jordan was with us, we were picking up pizza, and then I was getting engaged! Instead of Sizzle Pie, I once more found myself in front of a house with a Little Free Library. This time I jumped out of the truck to reach the second book and letter from Heather. As I walked towards the little library, I heard “Hello Darling”, in a voice I again instantly knew. Although I knew who I heard and who I was seeing, my brain took a second to actually register that my best friend from high school was now present also. Ally was here, and Heather did this!

I then had Jordan and Ally with me, and I forgot about the pizza. As we drove, I searched each driveway for Morgan, my best friend since first grade. The moment I saw her I began screaming and practically jumped out of a moving truck. With Morgan was also the third Harry Potter book and a letter from Heather. I had all of my best friends with me, and they were all in Portland, Oregon to be a part of my engagement.

Photo by  Ivory & Oak

Photo by Ivory & Oak

They then took me back to our apartment where the party was being held and led me to the rooftop. Standing in the rain was Heather, holding the fourth book, and smiling beautifully. I was ugly crying all over the place as I practically ran to her. I said “YES” before she could even ask me. I was literally jumping with joy. She then pulled out a little blue box and dropped down to one knee. I honestly can’t tell you what she said, what I said, or what was said in the minutes afterwards. I didn’t even notice the photographer circling us and talking our pictures. What I do know, however, is that it was the happiest moment of both of our lives!

Also waiting was a room full of all of our closest friends. An added decoration now hung in the room that said “From Muggle to Mrs.” Heather put so many details into this proposal. While she showed me to paper flowers on the tables that had our names on them, someone snapped a picture of us and showed me that Heather had also created a Snapchat filter for us. We then spent the rest of the night celebrating with everyone! It was nothing less than MAGICAL!

We are humbled by the amount of love we are receiving, but most importantly, we are eager to start this next chapter of our lives together. I cannot wait to marry my best friend! Watch the full video below:

Photography: Ivory & Oak

Photos by Ivory & Oak

Photo by  Ivory & Oak

Photo by Ivory & Oak

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