J.K. Rowling Congratulated Us!

Yep! You read the title correctly. After posting a picture from our engagement, J.K. Rowling herself actually saw it and tweeted Heather and I! We honestly didn’t think she would actually see our tweet.

The Monday morning after Heather proposed, I woke up to get ready for work. As I was checking my notifications, I noticed that someone with a blue check (a verified social media account) retweeted our engagement. I was so excited that someone “famous” had seen our picture. I woke Heather up with the exciting news and she immediately began checking her own notifications. While on Instagram, she saw a message from a follower stating “Your life must be made since J.K. Rowling saw your tweet.” We paused, went to Twitter, and clicked on J.K. Rowling’s profile. We were both frozen as we scrolled her page. When we came across her tweet, “CONGRATULATIONS!”, we started screaming! The author of Harry Potter TWEETED us! So yes, our life has been made!

It’s been three weeks since we got engaged, yet the excitement continues. Even before J.K. Rowling tweeted us, The Knot reached out to us regarding the proposal. I have been a fan of The Knot since I was in high school. I had every intention of using The Knot for all of our wedding planning, but the fact that they reached out to us confirmed my desire to use their planning tools. The Knot, however, had more in mind for us in regards to a partnership with them. The details of this are still in the works, but I promise to share all of the excitement with you as soon as we know more.

On top of J.K. Rowling and The Knot, our story was picked up by news channels, bloggers, and online magazines all over the world. While at work that same Monday morning, a parent of one of my students emailed me saying that Heather and I were on the MSN homepage. Within hours, our engagement pictures and videos were flooding the internet.

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These are a few of the articles we have found so far. We are even seeing articles about our proposal in languages we cannot read. The week after the engagement, we had the pleasure of being interviewed on Tonight With Cassidy on KGW News. Basically, this has all been a dream. We honestly cannot grasp everything that has happened! While we are unbelievably humbled by the amount of media attention, love, and support we have been receiving, we are ultimately most excited to start this new chapter of our lives!


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