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Over the last few days, Heather and I had the pleasure of meeting The Knot fam in Miami Beach, Florida. We are one of 20 couples that have been chosen as The Knot’s Most Influential Couples of 2019. We honestly cannot believe it! After meeting the other Influencers, Heather and I are extremely honored to be a part of such an incredible group of people, representing such a phenomenal company. While we attempted to keep you posted on or trip via Instagram, we also took time to live in the moment. So, now that we have a chance to fill you in on it all, sit back, get comfy, and join us in Miami!

Welcome Dinner by  The Knot  at  Faena  / Photo by  Esther Lee

Welcome Dinner by The Knot at Faena / Photo by Esther Lee

The start to our trip wasn’t all sunsets and seashells. We were supposed to leave Sunday night at 11pm on a red eye flight. This put us getting to Miami by 9am Monday morning so that we’d have time to explore before the festivities began. About an hour before we were going to leave for the airport, we received a message that our fight had been delayed an hour. While it wasn’t a huge deal at first, it did put us getting to Miami later than expected. Within the hour, however, we received another text that our flight was delayed until 10am the following Monday. The only flights available would put us in Miami at midnight, meaning we’d miss the Introduction Dinner and events. After going to the airport and standing in line until 1am, we were able to book flights with a different airline. We then rushed home, got two and a half hours of sleep, and then woke up and went back to the airport. Luckily we were able to sleep on the plane and only arrived to dinner an hour late, making a fashionably late entrance.

The dinner was held outside of our hotel, Faena, in the Mammoth Garden. Yes, it’s an actual gilded mammoth, and it’s absolutely stunning. Everyone was extremely friendly when we arrived, introducing themselves and talking about their wedding plans. We found our place at the table, and were presented our dinners: Squash Steak with Mushrooms and coconut tapioca for dessert. Yay for vegan options!

After dinner, we all went to the penthouse for drinks and photos. I can’t lie, I was freaking out a bit. Beyonce and Jay Z once stayed in the penthouse at Faena, so I was swooning to say the least! There were also numerous books laid out that were being gifted to us, one being City Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert (the author of Eat, Pray, Love) which doesn’t come out until June this year and is one I’ve already preordered. I may or may not have freaked out and accepted all books that were available.

Our photographer was Manolo Doreste , and he was amazing. He was our photographer all week, and made me feel like I was an actual model. I finally learned how to make a fierce face thanks to him. Our photos look like they could be in a magazine!

Once we finally made it to our room, we were amazed. The room was gorgeous! There was a kitchen area, living room area, balcony, king bed, and a giant bathroom complete with a huge tub, raining shower, and bidet. Yes, I pressed the bidet buttons and screamed causing Heather to laugh hysterically from the other room.

The next morning we had to be up bright and early. We went up to the penthouse where a Glam Squad was waiting to do our hair and makeup. After everyone was ready, we loaded up in Mercedes party vans and headed for the Wynwood District. The Wynwood District has countless graffiti walls, making it the perfect place for a photo shoot. We also had a video shoot while in Wynwood. It was set up like a Vogue 73 questions video, but we answered questions regarding our wedding. I can’t wait to see the video and will share it as soon as it’s available.

After hours of shooting (and everyone becoming extremely hangry) we went for lunch at Michael's Genuine where Heather and I got falafel wraps (mine wrapped in lettuce.) This was the only vegan option, but we enjoyed the bubbly rose.

Once back to the hotel, we immediately had to change for the next photo shoot. We then took pictures at the hotel. The decor is gorgeous. It felt like we were at the Versace mansion, which makes sense being in Miami. After more photos, Heather and I (along with couples Allie and Sam, and Sam and Eric) filmed The Knot Game Show. I’ll also share this as soon as it’s available.

Finally as the sun was going down, we were able to go to the beach for a minute and put our feet in the sand. Once in our room we ordered Postmates, chowed down on some tofu curry, and watched Vanderpump Rules. Even on vacation, we end up doing the same things we do at home.

The next morning we ordered room service for breakfast. When they knocked on the door, we weren’t expecting them to bring in a tiny table and set up an eating area for us. It was so cute, and we enjoyed our berries and coffee with the breeze blowing through our opened balcony door. We then went to the pool where other couples were already enjoying the sun. Brunch was also provided for us (sweet potato hash and fruit for us), again with a fabulous table set up, and we then returned to the pool to hang out with our new friends. Around 3, we had a 50 minute massage at the Faena Spa, which was AMAZING! Then it was off to get ready for dinner at Il Mulino New York - South Beach. Heather and I had grilled veggies and gluten free pasta. After Dinner, many of us went for drinks at one of the hotel bars.


Heather and I slept in the next morning, but went down to the pool for some sun before heading to the airport. I can honestly say this was a trip that we will forever remember.

The other couples are amazing. We were extremely honored to be picked by The Knot, and we made friends we already believe will be in our lives for years to come. The whole week, we all lifted each other up, shared ideas regarding both wedding planning and social media, and celebrated each others’ happiness and success. Heather and I learned so much from everyone. While some conversations circled around social media and marketing, others went deep into personal stories about our lives. I can honestly say that we miss everyone already, and we are counting down the days until we reunite in The Hamptons.

2019 The Knot’s Influencers

Hunter McGrady (Sports Illustrated Model & Activist )

Keyma Morgan (Blogger - Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Decor)

Micaela Erlanger (Celebrity Stylist & Best Selling Author)

Kira Kazantsev (Host of Golf Advisor Living & Miss America 2015)

Brenna Huckaby (Athlete - Paralympic Medalist, 3x World Champion, 2018 Espy Winner, Public Speaker)

Adaleta Avdic (Public Figure/Blogger - Fashion, Travel, Beauty, Home Decor)

Erik Velasquez & Samuel Anthony (Public Figures/Bloggers - Fashion, Travel, Food, Events)

Franceska Garza (Public Figure/Vlogger)

Curissa De'Leon (Blogger - Lifestyle, Travel, Health, Fashion, Reflection)

Arianna Thomopoulos (Public Figure/Blogger - Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Relationships)

Allie & Sam (Public Figures, Vloggers, Owners of A & S Social Media Marketing)

Emily Gellis (Blogger & Partner of Poppy -Vegan Skin Care Products)

Madiha Jamil (Blogger - Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel)

Gregory Littley (Public Figure & Content Creator)

Jules Hunt (Blogger - Wellness, Lifestyle, Personal Growth, Beauty, Travel)

JJ Lane (DU Hockey Analyst and Engaged to Kayla Hughes - Former NFL Cheerleader)

Lillian Babaian (Blogger & Vlogger - Fashion)

Olivia Muenter (Senior Fashion & Beauty Editor for Bustle)

Annie Tran (Blogger, High School English Teacher)

Jen Balisi (Indulgent Eats - Food Blogger)

The Knot  Fam - Photo by  Manolo Doreste
Swimsuit Cover & Earrings from  Bette

Swimsuit Cover & Earrings from Bette

Photo by  Manolo Doreste
Swimsuit Cover & Earrings from  Bette  / Swim Shorts from  Chubbies

Swimsuit Cover & Earrings from Bette / Swim Shorts from Chubbies

Photo by  Manolo Doreste
Photo by  Manolo Doreste
Photo by  Jules Hunt

Photo by Jules Hunt

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