Cruelty Free Makeup


One of the questions I am often asked on Instagram is about the makeup I use. When I switched over to a vegan diet, I had no idea that it would also eventually affect every aspect of my life. By gaining knowledge of different industries and their practices used when creating products, I began seeing that it's not only the food industry that harms animals. Animals are not ours to eat, wear, test on, or use for our own entertainment. For this reason, I began searching for cosmetics and companies that I could ethically use and support. 


One of my colleagues and friends has a life motto: "With every aspect of life there needs to be a push and a pull." The push is when you feel the desire to do, create, change, etc. some aspect of your life. The pull is when God opens that door for you. While makeup might seem like a small, practically irrelevant decision in life, for me it was one of these push and pull moments. I celebrate even the smallest of push & pulls! 

I had just started looking into cruelty free makeup, when Heather came home with some exciting news. One of her high school classmates, Sarah Biggers, had launched her own cruelty free makeup line! While there are other lines out there, I felt that this was the one for me. What better way for us to protect animals while supporting a fellow entrepreneur sister?! I immediately went online shopping! I have wholeheartedly loved every product from CLOVE + HALLOW. I must say that my favorite product thus far has been the lip velvet in  Sugarbear. 

Here's to women using their art and talents to love others well! 

Kelsey StacyComment